Business exit planning and increasing business value

Your primary objective should be to build up the asset value of your business to a level that allows you to realise your personal, family, wealth and lifestyle goals when you sell/exit

Are you planning for the future?

Your eye should be on the exit from day one.

In the well-known book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', the author Stephen Covey's number two (2) Habit is 'Begin with the end in Mind'. This means to have a clear indication of your exit strategy.

It is important to plan for this day right now without delay.

Most people will paint the house, weed the garden and fix the broken gutter before they put their house up for sale.

Business owners should undertake similar steps when planning and preparing to sell their Business.

Properly executed, the value grows exponentially.

I conduct a 90 minute workshop with business owners to go through this in more detail.

It can be conducted:-

  • online through zoom,
  • at my office,    or
  • at your business.

What benefits will I get ?

  • Think about and plan for the future;
  • Mitigate any risks;
  • Improve business value;
  • Learn about exit options;
  • See what needs to be included in an Information Memorandum (IM);
  • Follow the steps successful businesses complete;
  • Overcome challenges;
  • Reduce the 'Profit Gap' and make more cash;
  • Identify and build your 'intangible assets';
  • Maximise your selling price;
  • Investigate the buyers 'Due Diligence' process;
  • Discover what makes a business attractive to investors;
  • Gain a sense of control and security;
  • Develop a written Succession/exit strategy.

One of the world’s best know business authors Michael Gerber – the E-Myth Revisited –  states the importance of exit planning –

HAVING AN EXIT STRATEGY IS THE BALL GAME FOR ANY ENTREPRENEUR … the idea is simply to build, grow and sell – whether sells means pass on to family, merge, sell to employees or trade sale, there has to be a strategy!”

Details and inclusions

This workshop is only $400 plus GST and is guaranteed to provide you a 1000% return on investment when implemented.

This includes a copy of the presentation, what your business may be worth, Action Plan template and Exit strategy outline. 

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Exit Survey

Are you exit ready?

Complete the short twenty (20) question survey and find out.

It will take 4 minutes to complete.

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If you wish to exit your business with the best price in the least amount of time, you need to do three things:-

  1. Have a well thought out Exit Plan;
  2. Invest in preparing your business for sale;
  3. Take steps to increase the sale value.

It will mean less stress and more dollar value when you exit the Business.

By planning your exit well in advance, you can maximise the value of your business.

This will also enable it to meet future business and personal needs.

This process needs to be undertaken by all business owners.

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Mark Carn, the owner of ‘My Business Growth’, is a Business Growth Strategist/Coach and been involved in business for over 23 years.

He has skills in accounting, finance, marketing, sales, strategic planning, systemisation, team building, leadership, exit planning and coaching, plus has a wide range of other business expertise.

Mark has assisted over 350 Businesses in South Australia in a range of industries over 16 years. He has an Office based at Torrensville, SA.

He has owned a number of Businesses and currently owns and operates three different enterprises.

One of these businesses is 'Allbiz the Deal Room', which provides a secure transaction and marketing hub to prepare and manage business transactions such as business & franchise sales and commercial property - Click here for more information. It's where buyers and sellers meet.

Mark’s wealth of experience, dynamic approach, combined with a love for coaching and a wide range of resources, provides him with the essential tools to assist Business owners, managers and their teams.

‘My Business Growth’ provides an array of services to suit any size business, in any situation, in any industry and in any location worldwide.

Mark’s passion is to help Business owners build a successful business, increase profits, climb the entrepreneurial ladder, reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.

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