1. Overview

All individuals and Team members need and can benefit from regular training, motivation, guidance and development.

The Team Member Training Program provides extensive knowledge, ideas, strategies, attributes and life skills that we can learn, understand and implement.

This includes a range of interpersonal, people and soft skills for growth and development.

These can be used in our business roles, career and personal lives, on an ongoing basis.

2. Inclusions

The Team Member Training Program includes:-

3. How is the Program presented ?

The Program is accessed through on line platforms.

It is delivered in a series of concise weekly modules with recorded workshop videos and downloadable informational documents and resources. 

It can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smart phone at anytime.

An e-mail is received to advise the next module is available.

4. Notes and Implementation

Participants are required to take notes and complete an Action Plan from each module.

This ensures that the information is understood, learnt, actioned, implemented and used in their work.

5. Duration

15-30 minutes is required to complete each module, carry out a review and complete an Action Plan.

Participants can complete this in their own way, at their own pace and in their preferred time.

A very short time period for the life-long benefit.

6. Results Expected

Participation in the Program will assist Team members to nurture and improve work roles, enhance performance, boost productivity, develop a better mindset, increase positivity and contribute more to the Business.

7. Investment

The investment for the Program will vary to the number of Team Members involved. 

The investment is a tax deduction to the Business.

8. Return in Investment

Just a few ideas, strategies and mindset shifts implemented will pay for the investment.

Plus Team members can use these ideas/strategies in all day to day situations on a continuing basis.

9. Getting Started

Individuals can purchase below and get immediate access. For purchases of more than one Program for Teams or groups, contact Mark Carn at ‘My Business Growth’; e-mail [email protected]




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Eleven Modules


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