Above and Below the Line

‘Above and below the Line’ is a life and business concept.

The Line measures our attitude, state of mind, and moods, which are essential to our business/career results and personal fulfilment.

Above and Below the Line

Our long term results, associations and Business success will be 100 times better if we act above the line.

We build trust, respect and enduring relationships.

People who play above the line do what?

They take “Ownership” of their life, they say I am “Accountable” for the results in my life and the “Responsibility” lies with me. 

 People who play above the line are the Victors, they believe that they are in control of their own their destiny.

They are using the “OAR” to steer their own ship.

Most who play below the line do what if something goes wrong? They lay “Blame”. If they can’t find someone to blame then what do they do, they come up with….? yes… “Excuses”.  Thirdly… if they can’t make excuses they “Deny” there is a problem.

Below the line, you make your “BED” and you must lie in it.

By playing above the line, we take ownership of what is happening around us and accept the responsibility and accountability that goes with it.

Difference between the two is people who play below the line are the victims.They don’t believe they are in control of their life.

When something goes wrong, the easiest thing to do is to blame it on somebody else, find an excuse or deny that there is a problem.

This ‘playing below the line’ is destructive, as it does not resolve anything and problems get worse. This type of reaction is typical of the victim mentality – failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy for people who think like this. 

So live your life above the line and see your results, success and fulfillment sky rocket.

Video Worksheet and Action Plan Document

'Above and Below the Line' Video

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'Above and Below the Line' Document

Playing above the line and thinking continually about the potential consequences of your choices, decisions and behaviours is one of the very best ways for your business and personal success.


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