Get your Mindset Right

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2019

You need to have or develop a strong Personal mindset, Business Success mindset, Growth mindset and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

A strong positive mindset is what will keep you motivated, energised and inspired to achieve the end goal of getting off the tools. To keep you persevering, persisting and working on.

A Business Owner needs to continually work on developing and improving their mindset in these critical areas and crash through any barriers.

Sporting teams and individuals work on their mindset on a continual basis. Business Owners should be no different.

Mindset growth and self-development can be accomplished through many available resources.

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Change and Growth in Business

business growth Jul 29, 2019

Desire improvement, increased revenue, more profits, extra cash, a superior Business, enhanced lifestyle, more wealth and improved personal choices?

Then we must be open to change, always be looking to improve, be continually working on Business growth strategies, innovations, ideas and scaling methods.

The business world is changing at an unprecedented level and speed.

Therefore we need to be constantly looking ahead, changing and having a growth mindset.

Then we can be prepared and take advantage of opportunities in the evolving business environment.

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Above and below the Line

‘Above and below the Line’ is a life and business concept.

The Line measures our attitude, state of mind, and moods, which are essential to our business/career results and personal fulfilment.

Playing above the line and thinking about the potential consequences of your choices, decisions and behaviours is one of the best ways for your business and personal success.

Click here to read more and watch the video.

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Business Owner or an Entrepreneur?

business Jun 05, 2019

Are you a ‘Business Owner’ or an ‘Entrepreneur’?

There is often confusion between the terms Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

Both can have businesses, but they have different styles of mindset, leadership and thoughts on running their business.

There are ten (10) key differences. Read the information and take the audit to see where you are positioned.

Click here to commence -

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You are your Businesses biggest asset

To grow any Business you must invest in your biggest assets.

The biggest asset in any Business is usually the Owner.

Make sure you are investing in your biggest asset - YOU.

Work on yourself and work on your Business.

Develope an Abundance Mindset to boost Your Business.

Here are some Online self-development courses from Life Improvement Specialist Penny Hall. Low cost and quick to complete, start today.

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Business Success Mindset

A success mindset is one of the most important, yet least covered facets for Business growth and success.

Nothing stands still in business.

As the Business marketplace is constantly evolving, so you need to equally be evolving your own mindset and paradigms.

Do you have a Business success mindset?

Watch the video and read the PDF on the nine mindset changes that are critical to business growth, results and success.

Click here to start

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Goal Plan Action gets results

Uber built a $50B company with 2 questions.

  • Where are you?
  • Where do you want to go?

Are you clear where your Business is now? Are you clear on where you want to go? (Goals).

And do you have the strategies to help you get there. (Plan).

Or do you have a Plan but find it hard to implement. (Action)

Click here for more information on setting Goals, making the Plan, taking Action.


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Workshop for Parents and Teens

Do you have Teen children?

Penny Hall of Penelope Jay is running the first of three live events for Teens and parents on Sunday 7th April. This is a must-attend event.

The benefits for both adults and teens will be life-changing. I know because of the feedback from the first event held last year.

Penny has such empathy, love and passion to help Teens and their parents communicate better, understand each other more and enrich each other's lives.

Penny has offered tickets at ONLY $1 per person for registration. Do your self a favour, make a booking and attend - see details below.

Go to this site for details

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Learn Important Business Principles

Everything in Business is a skill – marketing, sales, management, leadership, building a business, managing team, customer service, accounting, finances, goal setting, planning, time management.

All skills and business fundamentals can be learnt.

Invest in learning from others – Other successful Business Owners, Coach, Mentor, training, workshops, on-line courses, reading, networking etc.

Just as an apprenticeship takes up to four years to become a tradesperson, learning about these important Business principles is a process that will take time, effort and commitment.

The more business principles, skills and knowledge you build up and put into action, the easier and more successful and profitable your Business will be.

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Exclusive invitation for Trades Businesses - Focus Group Workshop

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

Learn principles and new ideas for Business growth, what Insurances you need to have in place and some tips on getting your financials and accounting in order.

Money – How to make more money, manage money and keep, protect & grow your money

Hosted by ‘i2 Advisory Chartered Accountants’, ‘My Business Growth’ and ‘Prosperity Financial Planning’.

Two Dates - Wednesday 6th & 13th March 2019 at 4.00 pm

Why Attend this Event?

  • Obtain new ideas on Business growth;
  • Learn some strategies to make more profit;
  • Discover what other successful Business Owners do;
  • Gain more drive and motivation for yourself;
  • Network with other like-minded Trades Businesses.

Click here for full details

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