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Business Models

A Business Model describes the rational of how an Organisation/Business creates, delivers and captures value.

Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner, you have a business model.

As long as you are trying to achieve success by getting a product to customers, a business model is involved. Even the lemonade stand on the street corner has one.

But if your model becomes outdated or your competition discovers a superior one, you will quickly go out of business.

On the other hand, if you get your business model right and understand how to make it better than your competitors, then you will do well.

Here are some business model examples:-




4.Service based;




8.Multi Level Marketing;

9.Party Plan;

10.On Line/Internet;

11.Home based;

12.Smart Phone apps driven.

Ideally you need a business model which has both Leverage and Scalability.

A Leveraged and Scalable Business is:-
1.  Easier to operate;
2.  More enjoyable and less stress;
3.  More profitable;
4.  Has greater value;
5.  Can be run under management;
6.  Is easier to sell;
7.  Worth more.

Is your current business leveraged and scaleable? Can both these areas be improved?

Contact me to learn more.


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