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Increase your business knowledge

Reading Books Helps Your Brain Recharge

It has been found that books are an antidote to information overload.

“Reading books gives focus and the creative mental space to solve work problems.”

Any entrepreneur will tell you, problem-solving is critical for launching or running a business. But so is giving our busy brains a rest, and books help with that too.

Join the Business books review program and get one business book review/summary for 35 weeks.

The Business book review Program provides a review (mostly 1-3 pages only) of a number of well-known business book that I have read.

This Program is only $77.  You do not need to re-invent the wheel.     Success Leaves Clues.

Learn from others people's successes (what to do) and learn from their mistakes (what not to do).

'Your Business can only grow to the level that you do'.

Just one ideas from 35 books would easily cover this small investment.

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