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Marketing Plan

Businesses must have a Marketing Plan.

Its about completing and using a simple, practical, up to date marketing plan to attract new leads and enquiries. Marketing should not be that difficult, but most of us don’t have the time, knowledge and resources to go through the process carefully enough.

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years, so we need to keep up to date with new Marketing principles and strategies such as the Internet, SEO and Social Media. Marketing does not need to cost a lot of money, however we do need to allocate time and resources.

One of the fundamental principles of Marketing and Lead Generation for Businesses is to build a consistent and sustainable Marketing Machine that produces Qualified Leads on an ongoing basis.

That is, keep the Marketing Pipeline or Funnel Full.

Your product has to solve a problem. You don’t market the product, you market the problem. Therefor your marketing has to focus on identifying and solving the problem.

Someone once stated – …. ‘that you are not in business, but rather in the Marketing of your Business. That’s the bottom line. In fact, no matter what business anyone is in, they are really not in that Business! They are always in the Marketing of that Business!’    

What this really means is that we need to get better at Marketing than our core Business. Let’s face it, in any Business…the best Marketer wins!   

Marketing and generating leads is an essential part to having a successful Business.


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