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Maximising the Sale Price for a Business

If you could do something not only to make your business more readily saleable but worth $200,000 or $500,000 more, would you do it?

Selling a business is similar to a game of chess. Each move can potentially have a significant impact on the end result, each being a sequence of events and not in isolation of each other.

The following are suggestions to consider in improving your strategy which almost certainly will make a difference in real terms, particularly in price achieved and a reduced “hassle” factor.

The easiest sales made, almost without exception, are those that fulfil the following basic criteria:

  1. Clarity and stability of financial history – not too many unusual adjustments –
  2. There is something in it for the next person ie. tangible potential for a Purchaser to impart their own “stamp” on the business.
  3. The relationship between hard assets and goodwill is not too much “out of kilter”.
  4. The return on funds (ROI) is considered reasonable (not necessarily cheap).
  5. The business doesn’t rely totally on the owner ie. there are systems and/or people in place to minimize the impact of changeover.
  6. The industry itself, is perceived to have a future.
  7. Passes the commercial “sniff” test ie. does it feel right?

We know from past experience that significant advantages (ie. better price and less hassles) are achieved with a little early thought and planning. 

Contact me if you wish to discuss further.


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