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Personal Goals

Having personal goals is vial to business success.

Why you may ask.

It is your personal goals which will motivate and drive you to innovate and grow your business.

When it comes to setting goals, many business owners focus on their business goals and they prioritise their customers and their staff. This is nice, but it can also be a mistake.

Our businesses are here to help us to achieve more out of life. Sure, we can't have a successful business without adding value to the lives of others, but not being clear on your personal goals is a sure-fire recipe for becoming trapped by your business.

As Steven Covey author of the famous book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' says... there's no point working hard to climb the ladder if you ultimately find out that it is resting up against the wrong wall.

Instead, you need to become clear about what you are trying to achieve for yourself and your family and then design your business around this.

So, become just a little selfish and get clear on your personal goals first - think about the categories that are important to you, discuss it with your partner, and then review your business structure and direction to make sure that it aligns with your personal goals.

You can request a free copy of my Personal Goals template which is easy to complete.

Strong motivating personal goals = Profitable business success.

All the best with developing your personal goals.


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