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What contributes to a Successful and Profitable Business?

What contributes to a Successful and Profitable Business?

Business Success is not one thing, but a combination of items done well.

Just as an old Roman Building had a number of ‘Pillars’ to hold the Building up, a successful Business is a similar principle (see below).

Common challenges Businesses face include:-

  1. Insufficient time – Not working on the Business;
  2. Not enough Revenues, Profits and/or cash;
  3. Ineffective Marketing – No Marketing Plan and/or strategies that don’t work or cost a lot of money;
  4. Limited sales skills and processes;
  5. Lack of Business knowledge and tools;
  6. Limited Business, Management and Leadership skills;
  7. Few effective strategies to grow the business;
  8. Incomplete or unclear goals or plan to motivate and move them into action;
  9. Need to develop Business and entrepreneurial mindset;
  10. Accountability – someone to ensure strategies are implemented weekly.

Assistance to work on and improve your Business can grow revenues, profit, cash flow, improve Business value, reduce worry and develop the Business overall.

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