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Successful People - One thing in common

There is one thing that all successful people and business owners have in common.

They have some who they talk to on a regular basis.

They engage and have a Coach/Advisor/Mentor. Here are some examples:-

  • Sporting Teams – AFL team has a Head Coach, 3-5 Assistant Coaches; Fitness Coach; Dietician, Weights Coach, Career assistance; Psychologist/Mindset Expert, plus others;
  • Sporting Individuals – Tennis, Swimming, Athletes; Golf etc have one or even a number of Coaches.
  • Politicians – Advisors, Lobbyists, Consultants, CEO’s of Dept’s;
  • Large Companies – Board Members, Consultants, Training;
  • CEO’s/Executives/Managers – Executive Coaching; Mentoring;
  • People – Life/Personal Coach; Career Coach; Personal Trainer;
  • Children – Parents; Teacher; Tutor; Chaplin, Sports Coach;
  • Business Owners – Business Coach; Mentor; Training Program.

The benefits are numerous. Here are the main items for a business owner:-

* Grow sales and revenues;

* Improve margins and increase net profits;

* Enhance Cash flow;

* Increase Time Management and productivity;

* Improve Team Member effectiveness and efficiencies;

* Develop and implement systems and procedures;

* Overcome challenges;

* Have the Business situated where it does not rely on the Business Owners;

* Increase Business value and sale viability;

* To grow and develop the Business generally over a number of areas.

Using a coach is about getting results and a return on investment (ROI).


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