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Team Culture

Business culture defines who your Company is and what the Organisation stands for and expects – it gives the Team power to perform.

Culture can be described as the shared values, norms and expectations that guide people’s approach to their work and the way they deal with each other and their customers.

There is a saying that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". This is a true and often overlooked by business owners who are frustrated by their inability to get their staff to change and implement new strategies.

Culture in a business is similar to personality and if our personality is the sum of all our habits then changing the culture in the business is about changing the collective habits of your employees in your business.

We know changing a habit is hard and requires lots of discipline. So similarly it will require lots of discipline and persistence on the part of the leadership in a business to change the prevailing culture.

Every business should have a written cultural statement, also known as business values or 'rules of the game'.

The team needs to be involved with the formation of the Cultural statement.

I conduct a 90 minute workshop with the Team and Management to go through this process, understand the importance of the 'rules' and develop the written statement for the business. Contact me for details - click here

One of the most important success criteria often ignored by many Businesses is the impact of culture on performance and profitability.


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