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Top Tips for Business Owners/Managers for managing Team

How managers engage with their team can directly affect staff productivity and performance.

Team Members often leave Businesses because of poor relationships with their manager, so it is crucial for business owners and managers to develop the skills needed to retain good staff and boost productivity.

Managing Tips:

1. “Developing good people skills and basic human skills is fundamental to maintaining good relationships with your staff.”

2. “Staff have to develop their skills and this requires managers delegating tasks effectively. It helps staff improve their sense of authority and responsibility within the organisation.

3. “It’s important to manage the performance of your staff. While some may think performance management is about addressing the negatives, it’s also about highlighting the positives of their work.”

4. “Staff need motivation so managers need to know what their team members want from their workplace. Managers should find out the needs of their staff and try to implement measures to accommodate them. These measures usually come at little or no expense and can simply involve keeping staff in the loop and showing them some respect.”

5. “A positive team climate helps retain talented people and leads to better productivity and performance. Seventy per cent of the team climate stems from the manager’s leadership style. If that style is working a staff member’s performance can be boosted by up to 25 per cent.”

Managing Traps:

  1. “Managers can sometimes unintentionally destroy the performance of their staff.
    “For example micro managing, not thanking staff or blaming them usually contributes to poor performance and a breakdown in the relationship.”

    2. “Poor communication is a common problem. Not keeping staff up to speed on developments within the organisation makes them feel left out and not important. Managers should never assume staff always know what’s going on.”

    3. “Not knowing your staff well enough makes it difficult to understand what makes them tick and maximise their performance. It’s important to know and understand who they are, how they work and what they need to succeed.”

    4. “Managers can often take the work of their staff for granted. It’s crucial to recognise their performance but also identify the best way to do so, and when.

    5. “Failing to recognise and address the early warning signs of a poor performing staff member can lead to bigger problems in the future. Managers need to address problems as early as possible so the staff member can get themselves back on track before it’s too late.”

How you manage team members is very important for productivity, profitability and a successful business.


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