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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

I cringe when I hear people complain about limited opportunities in business. Opportunities in business and life are plenty when your awareness is high and you're looking in the right places.
Where are you looking? How do you find hidden opportunities?

Why is it some people seem to uncover the best opportunities and other never do? Answer. Because the ones who do understand if it appears on the surface to be a great opportunity, it's probably not. The best opportunities are the ones that are there the entire time, but not everyone sees them.

Have you ever said I wish I had thought of that idea? The website YouTube came about as a result of wanting to satisfy a need. And it sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. How did the creators see that opportunity? If you think they're just "lucky," you're wrong. There's a discipline associated with finding the best opportunities. You need to understand how to discover the unknown and be ready to do the hard work to make it a success.

Here are a couple of strategies to help you find hidden opportunities:

Having keen awareness.
Without looking away from your computer, name five things that are green where you're sitting. Now, take a quick look around. Chances are you'll find several items that were there the entire time, but you weren't looking for them. Opportunities are no different. If you're not looking, you'll never find them.

When you meet people, think about how you can help them. Discover ways to refer business to them. Introduce them to someone you know that can help them in some way. The lesson is simple. When your awareness is about finding ways to help others, opportunities show up. YouTube was created so people could share their home videos in an easy manner. The result was a $1.6 billion sale.

They couldn't share their own videos online the way they wanted to and assumed others felt the same way. This awareness of a need uncovered an opportunity that turned into real money. The best part is, they weren't looking to be bought out; they were helping fill a gap on the Internet and the sale was the bonus.

Being ready to take action. When you uncover an opportunity you must do something about it. If not, it's a wasted chance. It's like knowing the winning lottery numbers, but being too busy to buy the ticket. An opportunity without action is nothing. When you find a hidden opportunity, will you be prepared to do something with it? You have to believe you can achieve and be willing and ready to take the right actions to make the opportunity a reality. Sometimes people are given a chance to make something happen and do nothing with it.

They blow it because they believe "showing up" is good enough. Take each opportunity you are given as the "chance of a lifetime." When you do, you will find your level of intensity will go up ten fold. That intensity will transfer into passion. And that passion will turn into success.

Life is full of opportunities if you're willing take a closer look. Being aware is the first step to unlock those potentials. Everywhere you go you'll find potential customers, life-changing relationships, and opportunities waiting to be found. They could be right in front of you, but if you're not looking they don't exist. Don't worry about how crazy an opportunity may look. If you had been approached to invest your time and money into YouTube before it launched, would you have?

Don't waste your time thinking about all of the opportunities you lost or missed. Instead, start focusing on all of the hidden opportunities around you right now.

You can have everything you want and everything you deserve if you're willing and eager to find hidden opportunities.


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