Business Owner or an Entrepreneur?

business Jun 05, 2019

Are you a ‘Business Owner’ or an ‘Entrepreneur’?

There is often confusion between the terms Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

Both can have businesses, but they have different styles of mindset, leadership and thoughts on running their business.

There are ten (10) key differences. Read the information and take the audit to see where you are positioned.

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You are your Businesses biggest asset

To grow any Business you must invest in your biggest assets.

The biggest asset in any Business is usually the Owner.

Make sure you are investing in your biggest asset - YOU.

Work on yourself and work on your Business.

Develope an Abundance Mindset to boost Your Business.

Here are some Online self-development courses from Life Improvement Specialist Penny Hall. Low cost and quick to complete, start today.

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Business Success Mindset

A success mindset is one of the most important, yet least covered facets for Business growth and success.

Nothing stands still in business.

As the Business marketplace is constantly evolving, so you need to equally be evolving your own mindset and paradigms.

Do you have a Business success mindset?

Watch the video and read the PDF on the nine mindset changes that are critical to business growth, results and success.

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Learn Important Business Principles

Everything in Business is a skill – marketing, sales, management, leadership, building a business, managing team, customer service, accounting, finances, goal setting, planning, time management.

All skills and business fundamentals can be learnt.

Invest in learning from others – Other successful Business Owners, Coach, Mentor, training, workshops, on-line courses, reading, networking etc.

Just as an apprenticeship takes up to four years to become a tradesperson, learning about these important Business principles is a process that will take time, effort and commitment.

The more business principles, skills and knowledge you build up and put into action, the easier and more successful and profitable your Business will be.

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Business Opportunities Everywhere

business business growth; Feb 05, 2019

Opportunities are Everywhere.

There are opportunities everywhere, and as business people, we need to assess and consider opportunities and possibilities.

Just look around. Stretch your mind, shift your thinking. Take the blinkers off.

Talk to others, create a mastermind, attend a networking meeting. Have a discussion with a Business Coach.

There are opportunities Everywhere – Take Advantage of them.

As Einstein stated 'In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity'

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Setting Dreams and Goals for 2019

'If your dreams and goals do not scare you, they are not big enough ....'

Have you set your dreams, goals and plans for 2019?

Benefits of setting goals:-

  • Successful companies set goals.
  • Without them, they have no defined purpose, no motivation, nothing to strive for;
  • Consequently, they stagnate and struggle for meaningful accomplishments.
  • Goals are stepping stones to an end result.
  • They must be present in every business plan and become a regular part of ongoing business operations.

“If you aim at nothing, You will hit it every time” - Zig Ziglar

Need some assistance, complete the short and low cost 'Goal Plan Action' program.

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Goals Plan Action

This is the most important period of the year. 2019 starts in just over 3 weeks.

Great Business owners understand that now is the time to look ahead to the new year.

It’s about asking yourself some serious questions:-

* Have I accomplished what I set out to do this year?
* What goals do I want to achieve in 2019?
* What growth do I want to attain?
* What next products/services and innovations can I bring to the Business?
* What strategies do I need to implement?

One of the best ways to achieve this is to carry out a Strategic Planning Session.

By going through this Strategic Planning process, you will be one step ahead of your competitors and prepare for a highly successful and profitable year.

Book in now to conduct a Strategic Planning Session. Register by clicking here

Make 2019 your biggest and best Business year ever.

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Business Mindset


Business mindset is essential to Business success.

View the video tips to improve our mindset.

This explains what Mindset is, three areas for Business Success, what is Business Mindset, 20 areas which make up a Business Mindset, a Growth Mindset, how to develop your Business Mindset, the three types of Business Owner, the Entrepreneurial Ladder and why you need to continually develop your Business Mindset.

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Learn from other Peoples Successes

Can you answer “YES!” to the following questions?:

  1. Do you like the idea of feeding your mind with high quality business books but have trouble finding the time?
  2. Would you like some of the best business books summarised into easily digestible chunks?
  3. Would you like to have the important points highlighted for you so you can identify the best books that you’d like to read?

If you answered “YES!” to those questions, then read on.

As Business Owners, we need to continually grow our business education, wisdom, principles and tools.

So one of the easiest and cheapest ways is through reading Business books.
Most Business owners have limited time, so a short book review is a good quick way to increase our Business knowledge, ideas, strategies and motivation.
I have read many Business books over the years, and always write up a short review of the book, which I can go back to and read.
I have now put these book reviews onto an on line Program.
The 'Business...
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DISC Behavioural Profiling

business disc profiling Nov 04, 2018

Disc is a Behavioural and Personality profiling system used by millions of people world wide.

DISC is a tool that helps improve interaction and our results.

Understanding our DISC profile helps us communicate better with others. DISC is simple to learn and understand.

It measures your most comfortable behaviors or how you naturally prefer to do things.

It is a communication and life tool we can all use in our everyday life.

For anyone that is wondering what their DISC profile is and wants to use it in their everyday life - here is the place to do it.

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