Personal Development journey

Tony Robins the famous US Philosopher says success if 80% mindset, and 20% strategy.

As Business Owners, we need to continually grow our mindset, thinking and wisdom. So one of the easiest and cheapest ways is through Personal Development books. Who here reads such books?

Most Business owners have limited time, so a short book review is a good quick way to increase our knowledge, ideas, strategies and motivation.

I have set up an On Line Program for this.

The book review Program provides a review of about 30 of well-known personal development books that I have read.

You do not need to re-invent the wheel.     Success Leaves Clues.

Learn from others people's successes and mistakes.

Remember 'Your Business can only grow to the level that you do'.

Got to this website for details -

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Get your Mindset Right

You need to have or develop a strong Personal mindset, Business Success mindset, Growth mindset and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

A strong positive mindset is what will keep you motivated, energised and inspired to achieve the end goal of getting off the tools. To keep you persevering, persisting and working on.

A Business Owner needs to continually work on developing and improving their mindset in these critical areas and crash through any barriers.

Sporting teams and individuals work on their mindset on a continual basis. Business Owners should be no different.

Mindset growth and self-development can be accomplished through many available resources.

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Above and below the Line

‘Above and below the Line’ is a life and business concept.

The Line measures our attitude, state of mind, and moods, which are essential to our business/career results and personal fulfilment.

Playing above the line and thinking about the potential consequences of your choices, decisions and behaviours is one of the best ways for your business and personal success.

Click here to read more and watch the video.

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