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Business Owners

Are you serious about growing your business?

Would you like to make more Profit?

Take the complimentary "$10 K Challenge"

Focus on revenue generating activities.

As Business Owners we tend to get side-tracked to doing unnecessary and unproductive tasks.

Remember the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule. Concentrate on the 20% of activities which will bring you in 80% of your profits.

Maximise your full potential.

Allocate 45-60 minutes for the "$10 K Challenge".

The format is to take you through 6-10 key Business and marketing areas which may be untapped or under-utilized, and see if we can find you an additional $10,000 or more in profit. Plus it’s free.

Here is some of what I will cover at the session

  • The Five Step Profit Formula to drive more profit;
  • Over 300 Business Growth Strategies;
  • Marketing opportunities;
  • Sales processes to improve conversions;
  • Ways to increase your margins and profits;
  • The Entrepreneurial Ladder.

Get some new Business insights.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So take up the Challenge and book your complimentary session NOW 


Don’t leave any money on the Table

Find some untapped pots of Gold

Locate your hidden opportunities

We will see if we can find you an additional $10,000 or more in revenue and profit.

The session can be completed on line through Zoom or in person - you choose.

And it’s free.

Let's get Started

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"$10 K Challenge" Case Studies

Plumbing Business

The Business owner was surprised with the additional revenue of $108,000 (over 42%) and profit identified (60%).

This includes improving marketing, increasing conversion rate and growing gross profit margins.

Further, he could see this is ongoing improvements that can be realised every year.

He mentioned this had reinvigorated him and he was feeling positive about his business.

This would relieve some cash flow issues, reduce work time and improve his family life.

Retail Food Business

In the four areas covered, there was over $86,000 in more revenue identified. This included developing a Marketing Plan, implementing more marketing strategies and growing the average sale per transaction.

The Owner understood that having an independent look at his business was needed.

He was unaware of the many business improvement strategies which were available, or how to implement them.

He realised he needed business growth assistance for him to make it a strong profitable business.

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Whilst they knew of the ‘Pareto Principal’, the Business owners did not see it applicable to growing their business.

They were now both keen to concentrate on the 20% income generating time as they had identified over $100,000 in revenue

They could see that there were some opportunities and growth strategies they was not taking advantage of and they were ‘leaving money on the table’.

The extra profits would allow them to purchase another firm to expand the business and move up the ‘Entrepreneurial ladder’. 


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