Would you like more leads and enquiries for your Business?

Marketing is an essential part of a successful Business

Your Marketing needs to supply you with leads and enquiries and new customers

In a great article on Marketing it states:-

…. ‘that you are not in business, but rather in the Marketing of your Business. That’s the bottom line. In fact, no matter what business anyone is in, they are really not in that Business! They are always in the Marketing of that Business!’

What this really means is that we need to get better at Marketing than our core Business.

The benefits of good marketing:-

  • More leads;
  • Higher conversion rate;
  • Additional customers numbers;
  • Better quality customer;
  • Opportunity for added Repeat Business;
  • Less Marketing expenses;
  • Extra profit.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years in the strategies we use, and the funds and time required:-


More Off line. We spent less time but lots of money eg Print, Yellow Pages, Advertising, Brochures, Mail outs


More On Line. We allocate less money but more time eg Website updates, SEO, SEM, Blogs, Facebook, Messenger, Chatbots, Twitter, Pinterest, Alliances

Just so you can see where your Business is at, complete the on line Marketing Audit

This will show what level your marketing is now and what opportunities exist to market your Business better. It will take less than 4 minutes to complete.

On Line Business Marketing Program

The On Line Business Marketing Program covers all you need to know about marketing. There are marketing videos, marketing principles & concepts, book reviews, informational documents, templates, E-Books, over 150 marketing strategies and one to one assistance to put your own Marketing Plan together. Take the opportunity, right now.... Normally $600, Only $200 plus GST.

Marketing Program Inclusions

1. Marketing Audit; 2. Marketing Your Business – A five (5) part workshop style presentation recorded on video to understand Business Marketing; 3. Marketing Offers and Call to Action video; 4. Marketing Booklets x 2; 5. Templates to formulate a Marketing Plan; 6. A list of lead generation and marketing strategies; 7. Four Coaching Sessions (by On- Line technology/telephone) –To assist you to formulate your Marketing Program; 8. Business Marketing book Review - ‘Instant Cash Flow’.

Return on Investment

Just one idea, strategy or mindset shift will pay for your investment, plus you can use these ideas and strategies in your business ongoing.

Regular, planned Marketing is a vital, long term Ingredient for any thriving Business

Marketing expertise in a very important part of a successful Business, so it is important we follow the following process:- • Build up Marketing knowledge and skills; • Plan your Marketing (ie have a simple Marketing Plan); • Have a number of Marketing strategies; • Allocate the time and resources to implement the Marketing Plan and Strategies; • Test and Measure results, fine tune as required.


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