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 Team Member Training


Accomplishing a well-oiled and proactive working environment, genuinely comes down to team member training and how knowledgeable your team members are in engaging, diffusing and assisting in various situations. SOFT skills play a pivotal role in one’s development as a perfect and professional employee.


All individuals and Team members need and can benefit from regular training, motivation, guidance and development. The Team Member Training Program provides extensive knowledge, ideas, strategies, attributes and life skills that we can learn, understand and implement. This includes a range of interpersonal, people and soft skills for growth and development. These can be used in our business roles, career and personal lives, on an ongoing basis. Without accurate team member management, you might be missing out on extracting the utmost efficiency from your employees. Not only does our team member training course offer the employer a boost in productivity and sales, it also enhances employee knowledge and overall skill set!


Participation in the team member training Program will assist Team members to nurture and improve work roles, enhance performance, boost productivity, develop a better mindset, increase positivity and contribute more to the Business. The Program is accessed through online platforms, making it easy to complete in one’s own time. It is delivered in a series of concise weekly modules with recorded workshop videos and downloadable informational documents and resources.  It can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone at any time. Here at My Business Growth we have extensive knowledge and experience in administering leading team member management courses to ensure that you get the most productivity from your personnel and staff.


We are so confident in our capabilities, we administer a plethora of free material that many business growth companies hold confidential. For more information on our executive business coaching and new and improved team member management courses, feel free to call us now.

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